Laguna Marina is an exclusive, boutique yacht marina on the Valletta waterfront and the only marina in Malta to offer an ‘all inclusive’ option to its clients. Laguna Marina’s concept is for the motor yacht owner to find their boat ‘ready to go’, allowing them more time to enjoy the use of their craft and leaving the hassles of boat ownership to us. The service provided is personalised, professional and to the highest standards. Laguna Marina’s location, at the heart of the stunning and vibrant Valletta Waterfront development, offers an all weather marina with safe and secure moorings thus extending the owners usage time of the yacht through the warm winter months. Situated within the capital’s Grand Harbour, the Valletta Waterfront is in a historical and sheltered port which is regularly visited by cruise liners and other vessels from all over the Mediterranean. Laguna Marina offers bespoke services. Installed with floating pontoons and fingers to provide easy access, Laguna Marina offers its clients assistance with berthing, refuelling, catering, valet parking, guardiennage, waste collection and a concierge service. We are confident that with our positive attitude towards our clients, you will enjoy being with us. Laguna Marina was not developed by operators, but by its very first customers, themselves discerning boat owners wishing to see a customer focused exclusive marina in Malta. Like you, they are far too busy working to look after their yachts, but expect to be able to sit back and relax on board at a moment’s notice, and demand the highest levels of service, professionalism and courtesy, much like you.


Laguna Marina is staffed by highly experienced personnel, with a passion for boats and who genuinely enjoy providing the service to its clients.

Francesca Busuttil – Marina Office Manager
Francesca is an energetic and charismatic lady who ensures that our clients feel welcome at Laguna Marina. She handles the day-to-day administration at the Marina and also looks after Charter Sales.



Mario Cassar – Berthing Assistant
Mario is a real old-school seaman from Malta’s most important fishing village, Marsaxlokk. He has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience gained by having spent most of his life working at sea. For the past 7 years Mario has worked in yacht marinas and, when not working there, he is busy catching fish in his boat.



Robert Mizzi – Berthing Assistant
Robert was born and bred in Malta’s fishing village, Marsaxlokk. No wonder this makes him a very keen fisherman in his spare time. Robert is enthusiastic about boating. Having always worked in the sector, he not only is very knowledgeable but also adopts a hands on approach.


Josef Coleiro – Berthing Assistant
Josef, our new berthing assistant is a true sea lover, infact he spends most of his free time boating and fishing on his fishing boat. Josef is very friendly and helpful and is an asset to our team.



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